Save your disk space by archiving using 7-zip

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7Zip is a open source file archive utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports lots of zip file formats such as 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR etc.

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You can actually use it in any computer without registering or paying for the utility. You can compress all your files and directories and save space and backup them in some online storage providers or in a optical disc.

7-Zip File Manager

Why should I use it when I have WinZIP cracked?

This is obvious question you might get. with open source, you get the real freedom and 7-zip is absolutely free. whereas WinZIP is not a free software and costs € 29.95. They provide trial version to try and use it. Cracking software is illegal and against law. Hence I suggest you to use 7-zip which does the same kind of  functionality as that of WinZIP and its absolutely free.

Do you find this post useful? do you know any other alternative open source utility for archiving other than 7zip? Share your knowledge.

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List Of Open Source software for home use – Part 2

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Continuing from List of Open source software for home use – Part 1

Azureus vuze, the bittorrent client

when  ever you feel like downloading movies or trailers or any other documentaries that are freely available, you can use this open source software. bittorrent is a protocol through which you and other people on the internet share a piece of files which is uploaded/downloaded. In this way, people share things easily. You can watch lots of trailers for the newly releasing hollywood movies.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. usually Linux users consider GIMP as an alternative Photoshop in Linux. Adobe Photoshop is only for windows and mac platform. you can use GIMP for drawing tools, adjusting your picture you have taken using your camera, do all sorts of things which you can do with Photoshop. is a office suite applications specifically for office users. if you are the one using Microsoft Office and dont want to pay license fee, you can go for office applications. It contains Word Processor, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Flowchart drawing tool, Access DB etc. I can say that its a complete alternative to Microsoft Office suite applications. is backed by Sun Microsystems


If you want to know any specific open source software please email me mbchandar AT gmail DOT com.

Please subscribe to know more about free and open source software for human beings.

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List of Open source software for home use – Part 1

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At home, i have been using some of the Open Source Software for my daily productivity.

They are

  1. Mozilla Firefox, the browser
  2. Pidgin, the messenger
  3. Azureus vuze, the bittorrent client
  4. GIMP, the photoshop alternative
  5. Open, Office productivity

There are tons of software available which we will see one by one in coming blog posts. meanwhile I will discuss some of the most widely and commonly used by me. you can suggest me on what type of software you wanted to write about here which could help others increase their productivity

Mozilla Firefox

As we all have been using Internet Explorer that bundled with Windows OS for the long time. Alternative to it, there are lots of browser available in the internet such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Apple Safari etc. Mozilla Firefox is the one that derived from Mozilla project which is huge as a software bundle that contains e-mail applications, browser etc. People find it hard to use it. Hence Mozilla foundation decided to release light weight version of Mozilla and hence Mozilla Firefox born. At present, you can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 3.x from some of the features are

  1. Tabbed Browsing
  2. Browser Add-ons
  3. Security
  4. many more..

Pidgin, the messenger

There are already lots of messengers for each of the chat providers like Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Google Talk etc. the problem with these is that you have to download them each and then install it and configure it. Instead you can use the Pidgin which has the ability to talk to Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Google Talk and IRC too. Good na… But at present, it doesn’t support VOIP. VOIP means the ability to talk to your beloved with no phone cost and this is free because it happens over Internet.

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What is FOSS?

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I am sure there are lots of articles about what is FOSS and how it all revolutionized the way software is distributed. basically FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software. The word ‘Free’ does not mean it is free at price. ‘Free’ implies Freedom. the ability to modify the source and re-distribute legally with no worries.

There are lots of software which can be used for home use. some like ubuntu desktop, songbird, mozilla firefox, gnu cash, open office etc etc. All these types of software are bundled with appropriate licenses which legally authorizes you to do any modification and re-distribute.

we will talk about various open source software licenses in come posts. now i will just list down some of the most widely licenses

  • GNU Public License v2.x, v3.x
  • BSD License
  • Apache 2.0 License

and many more…. each has its own pro and cons. but most of them allows you to legally download the software and use them at home or at work. unless you are not modifying the source which you need to give back to the community, you don’t have worry about anything.

But you can still contribute to the development of the software you use in terms of reporting bugs, problems to the open software community. this helps them to do continuous improvement and make the software much more bug free for the people.

You can find more information about FOSS from the following links

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Welcome to GoOpenSource

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Hello Readers,

This blog is all about free and open source softwares available on the internet. Many of you have heard of famous free and open source softwares like Linux, Gnu Vim, Gnu Emacs, Mozilla Firefox etc. we are not going to write about them as there are plenty of resources available on the internet. In this blog, we are going to focus on certain free and open source software which we can use in our day to day life. This will be useful to people who can’t afford money to buy softwares.

This blog will also help developers by giving them hands-on tutorials on the free and open source softwares. Not all tutorials could be written by us. but we could point to right resources available on the internet which we have used for my own development. we also invite the readers to send an email to us on the open source projects you want to see the hands-on.

we will write first few posts about how free and open source softwares got evolved and how it became challenging to major corporations like Microsoft, Oracle etc. we will also discuss about companies that use free and open source softwares in their businesses.

– GoOpenSource Team

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